Slow Start to Vancouver Rooftop Wildflowers

Wildflower seeds were planted last fall in hopes of having blooms in early spring to support mason bee populations on our building rooftop. While plants sprouted shortly after last frost, growth stalled for several weeks and only now are we seeing any actual blooms. This may be part of the reason that bee appearances seem to have dropped off given their only options for the past several weeks have been dandelions, strawberry flowers and currant, blueberry and gooseberry blooms. Not a terrible set I guess, but not enough to compete with streets lined with cherry blossoms at street level. 

We’re mid-May now and things have started to look up. The first California poppy bloom is out, a few wild roses and an explosion of lupines have added to the flower options at elevation. Additionally what I believe is Euphorbia cotinifolia (Caribbean Copper Plant) is threatening to bloom and despite its tiny flowers seems to attract bees of various types.

Fingers crossed this year won’t be a mason bee bust… but only time will tell.

Mason bee landing on a purple lupine
Mason bee about to land on a purple lupine.


Wild rose about to bloom on a Vancouver rooftop.
Brief flowering of pink wild roses about to start on the roof of a Vancouver condo.


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